Saturday, September 4, 2010

A letter to my grandfather

Dear Grandpa,
it has been 10 years since we last saw each other and I was still a kid in February 2000. I just recieved my college paralegal diploma today and know you are proud and were with me everyday watching from heaven.Thank you for being there for me through my victories and defeats.I am doing well now and am looking for something better in Calgary. I ask only one thing and it means alot to me. ..there is someone I really care about and his name is Santiago. You have probably seen him as you were watching over me from heaven. He is a great man with a good heart. He deserves more than he is getting and he is going through some very trying times now. Please watch over him and protect him in his lifetime as you have done for me. I have done all I could, but that is not enough and don't think I will be able to in the future, which is why I am asking for your help. Please take care of him and be there for him.

Love, your granddaughter,

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Now to deal with the HRCs, the Facists, and the Liars and phonies!

Well with the rant about defeatist thing I have come to conclusion is that one must keep fighting and if they are unwilling to fight for something as simple as permanent residency,then Canada is not a great place to be...consider it an initial test. It is the Canadian way to fight everything that we find to be unjust and wrong and to get ahead. One example would be the fight against the facist HRC's, the Lying Conservatives and the Liberals and NDP. I am no longer a supporter of the Conservative Party because of this with regards to Santiago. I am going to fight tooth and nail with every other real principled conservative to unseat this phoney conservatve government. This has strengthened my resolve to take down the HRCs. Crybaby can send his ARA thugs after me...I will fight tooth and nail till either I am free or dead....I now have nothing to lose except a crappy job as a courtesy clerk thanks to this shitty economy. I am proud to say I do NOT FLY THE MAPLE RAG...I FLY THE RED ENSIGN .....take that you Trudeaupean seagull fart sucking commies and facists!

A very defeatist attitude

This may sound wierd, but when Santiago dropped the bomb and decided we should no longer be together, it was much harder to take than the news of when my Grandfather passed away in February 2000 (may he rest in peace) than this.The reason being is that when one dies, they fight for every last breath and put up a fight for even just a few more seconds of life. Fighting for permanent residency is much easier than fighting for a few last breaths and precious seconds of life. I am a trained paralegal and I could have easily helped in the fight to get permanent residency.. I guess it is not the Salvadorean or Santa Tecla way for one to pick themselves off the ground and fight. In the first world war, Canadians were known as the allied storm troopers because they fought and won ground that no other army could was because they did not have a defeatist attitude of it is what it is. I am a Canadian and a paralegal, it is my nature and it is what I was trained to do over the past two years. He always has this saying of "it is what it is"...which I find to be very defeatist. It's not that he is unable to fight, but l he is unwilling to do so. I don't know..maybe it's because he never had to fight for everything he has. I guess, if I was ever Prime Minister, our troops would be scouring every inch of Aghanistan and possibly the whole Middle East unti Osama Bin Laden is in custody or dead. It is my nature to fight and pull out all punches until I win.Back in elementary school, I fought against bullies twice my size and won...the reason being was that I was not only resourceful, but I also had a fighting spirit and despite many blows did not give up until I won. I had made it this far and graduated college despite the heavy workload and many disappointments because I chose to fight to the bitter end, and it is now on the list of victories in my life.Sometimes the hardest fought battles are the sweetest of victories. If all Salvadoreans were defeatist like Santiago, the Canadian Army could invade and take over El Salvador in a day and El Salvador would just be another Canadian province or territory,

Thursday, December 10, 2009


On human rights day, the world is supposed to be commemorating the introduction of basic human rights such as the right to free speech, freedom of the press, and the right to exist, HOWEVER, this has been overshadowed and distorted by the Canadian Human Rights Commissions.These commissions have perverted the word human rights to serve their own agenda of coercion, censorship, and lack of due process.These are kangaroo courts designed to do the exact opposite of what human rights are supposed to be.Since when did the right to not be offended by free speech over ride that said right to freedom of expression?Only select groups are given any rights by these commissions...if you are a white conservative, you have NO rights.Your right to free expression and such is stripped from you and you are hauled before these star chambers for offending the protected groups.The right of today did NOT ruin or take away human rights, the HRCs did, and they used the name "human rights" to push their agenda with little or no opposition.Gone are the days of freedom of expression and free press...all thanks to our glorious human rights commissions.
As citizens, we must restore human rights by fighting for free speech and freedom of the press...without these, the rest of our rights will be taken away, with little or no opposition.The right to free speech is one of the main pillars that allows a citizen to defend all of their rights.We must push for the abolition of section 13 of the human rights act, otherwise, what rights will we have a few years down the road?

Monday, November 2, 2009


I haven't been posting much here lately, due to my busy schedule as well as me forgetting to post when I do have time..I should make it a habit to post more often...Im a pretty forgetful person at times....although most of the time, it seems I forget my cup of coffee in the wierdest of places.I seem to procrastinate when it comes to my blog...If I dont post in a long time, its not because I abandoned my blog...its because i forgot to post or i procrastinated in posting...
On another note, i have a webcam now, so stay tuned for possible videos:D

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Please pray for my dad...his back is causing him trouble again

A week ago, my Dad was supposed to head up to Fort McMurray for work (hes doing sheet metal since there is no work in the oilpatch).I had learned a few days ago, he wasn't able to since his back started giving him problems again.His back has been on and off since he fell down a hole while on a rig site 10 years ago.The problem is in his lower back.I am praying for his recovery and hoping the physiotherapy helps.Hes on painkillers and this weekend he was barely even able to walk.They were supposed to come down to Red Deer to see me this weekend but couldn't because of my dad's back

Honest to FN Christ!!

What a suprise!My biological mother had the opportunity to see me for the first time in 21 years or so but passed it off so they can all go see some old friends in Saskatchewan.I even offered to pay the difference in gas, but they still declined!Honest ot FN Christ....I guess friends you just havent seen in a few months or a year or so, are more important and take priority over your own damn kid you haven't seen in 21 years!!